Pasture-Raised Chicken

Why Eat Pasture-Raised Chicken from Holleman Farms?

                                                                                                                    The health benefits

are many: lower in fat and calories, higher in omega-3 fatty acids, higher in  CLA

(conjugated linoleic acid, another good fat that may significantly reduce the risk of cancer), and higher in Vitamin E.


 Because our chickens are rotated daily to fresh pasture, there is no buildup of manure and no problem with odor, ammonia vapors, groundwater contamination, or the dilemma of proper disposal.  The footprint of our chickens, combined with that of the other animals on our farm in a unified system of rotational grazing, actually increases soil fertility and improves the quality of our land.  Our process enriches, rather than depletes the land, and for this reason it is sustainable. 

        At Holleman Farms, our chickens are raised outside in sunlight, on pasture, with plenty of room to roam on a fresh patch of grass and bugs every morning, and pure and natural non-GMO feed available throughout the day.  

          The result is chicken that is simply wholesome, natural, without any of the unwanted extras.  The flavor is superior—fresh and natural, less heavy and greasy than mass-produced chicken.  

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