Pasture-Raised Eggs

The majority of our egg-laying flock consists of

Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons, both breeds being excellent layers of brown eggs. Lots of Ameraucana hens are included too, because we just can’t resist the appeal of their blue-green tinted eggs.  But while the shells will look pretty in your egg carton, what you’ll appreciate most is the deep rich color and the superior taste and quality of what’s inside.

Our laying hens spend the first three weeks of life safe and warm in the brooder before they are moved out to pasture.  A large moveable chicken tractor provides the birds with shelter and protection at night and a safe cozy place to lay their eggs.  During the day they roam freely on a quarter acre paddock enclosed with electric poultry netting.  Every few days they are moved to a new paddock, where they fertilize and aerate our pastures while enjoying an abundant supply of grass, bugs, sunlight and fresh air.  

Pastured Eggs Are:

Higher in folic acid, B12, vitamin A, omega 3s, beta carotene, and vitamin D. 


Lower in cholesterol and saturated fat.

In the winter we keep the hens warm and safe from the elements in hoop houses.  During this time, when the green grass is in short supply, we supplement their feed with fresh green wheat or barley fodder that we grow here on the farm.   This helps maintain their nutrition and the rich color of the egg yolks even during the bleak winter months.

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