Holleman Farms Micro-Dairy

Grass Fed Jersey Cows producing great tasting creamy and nutritious A2/A2 Milk, Yogurt, and Cheeses.  Holleman Farms is partnering with Jersey Girls Dairy in Winnsboro, TX to provide incredible dairy products to our “Farm Fresh Marketplace”.  These products will be delivered to your door. 



Product Practices

  1. For all milk products delivered to your door - we use low temperature “batch" pasteurization, causing MUCH less heat damage to the milk-we try to never exceed 147 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Our milk is UN-homogenized, thus the nice cream line you will see at the top of it.

  3. AII products, except cottage cheese, are made with whole Jersey milk (winter of 2018-2019 butterfat average 5.45%)

  4. ALL Dairy Products are sold with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

  5. When you come to our Holleman Farms country store (on the farm) you can purchase raw milk that has not been pasteurized – only chilled.  It is delicious.  But we can sell raw milk cheese and deliver. 

Farm Practices

  1. We milk Jersey cows because of the quality of their milk, their efficiency, and our fondness for the breed.  You have to taste the difference. 

  2. Our cows are pastured year-round. They are confined only long enough for their 2 (daily) milking’s (about 2 hours average- total)

  3. Heifers and cows are NEVER given growth(rBGH) or milk(rBST) enhancing hormones.

  4. Cows are given approximately 2 months "off' prior to calving for "R&R" before their next lactation.

  5. Cows ration is approximately 85% forage (grass, silage, and dry hay) and 15% feed grain. (grain is non-GMO)


2174 County Road 4106

Greenville, TX 75401



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